Who remembers Eiffel Tower Lemonade?

I spotted an old advertisement for Eiffel Tower Lemonade online a while back. The advert was much older than me but it brought back memories of drinking this make at home lemonade as a child.

I remember Eiffel Tower Lemonade coming in a small cylindrical jar with a yellow plastic lid. The jar contained bright yellow crystals that you mixed with water.

Eiffel Tower lemonade was originally made by a company call Foster Clark of Maidstone, Kent. Foster Clark went out of business in the mid 1960s. From then on the manufacture of Eiffel Tower crystals passed to OXO/Brooke Bond.

There are pictures online of fancy Eiffel Tower Lemonade from the Foster Clark era. These make the simple ones I remember from the 1970s seem plain.

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