Salad cress might not be what you think it is

Do you remember growing mustard and cress as a child? I suspect most of us did it at one time or another and some of us do to add to salads and sandwiches. For those who cannot be bothered to grow there own or do not want to wait the few days from sowing the seed to cutting the sprouting seedlings there are always those little tubs of freshly growing cress on sale in supermarkets.

But what is actually growing in those pots of supermarket ‘Salad Cress’? It is cress of course isn’t it? Well that is what I thought until I looked at the label on a tub of Morrison’s Cress, there in black and white it said ‘Ingredients Salad rape, Cress’.

Could this be right?  I decided to look elsewhere and found other supermarkets were more specific. Tesco, Waitrose and Lidl all list the ingredients of their salad cress as 80% rapeseed and 20% cress, all said they were grown in Yorkshire too.

So it seems universal, the pre grown Salad Cress sold in supermarkets is actually four fifths rapeseed shoots. Why is this? Why not sell 100% cress shoots? I wonder if it is down to seed price, or maybe to provide a milder flavour? If anyone knows please enlighten us in the comments below.

It seems if you want pure cress in your egg and cress sandwiches you will have to buy a packet of cress seeds and grow your own.

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  1. I noticed this years ago. I was infuriated. First due to the blatant marketing trick and deception. why call it cress or salad cress when it is majority RAPE call it RAPE seedling or some crap. Pure lies. And then due to the cost of your money going to something you don’t want and historically have never eaten! RAPE is also sprayed heavily with pesticides and some people react to the plant. So now I have to grow cress straight from the Seed like some sort of animal?


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