Sticky tape, antifreeze and condoms

Say Durex to someone British and as well as feeling slightly embarrassed they will think of the brand of prophylactic that is know owned by Reckitt Benckiser but used to be a product of the London Rubber Company.

Some of you might remember a routine that comedian Jasper Carrott performed in which he described seeing a racing car in Australia with Durex written on it as an advertising slogan. He relayed how he was perplexed that the Australian’s he was with didn’t find this as amusing as he did. He was then told that rather than being a brand of condom at the time Durex was a major brand of sticky tape in Australia, an Antipodean equivalent of 3M Scotch Tape or Sellotape.

I don’t know if you can still get it in Australia but an internet search suggests that Durex sticky tape is available in Brazil and that it is made by 3M who also make Scotch Tape.

But the confusion does not end there. It would seem that Americans put Durex in their cars and trucks.

Yes that is right, there are a number of online companies in the USA who are selling Durex Antifreeze and Coolant. The sellers I found were rural home and farm stores, what I guess we Brits would call agricultural merchants, so I suspect this is the market Durex antifreeze is aimed at.

So there you go, buying condoms in foreign counties comes with more pitfalls than you might have imagined.

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