The real reason BBC Radio 4 replaced Ambridge’s Tony Archer?

The following is from January 2014.

Regular listeners to the long running BBC Radio 4 rural soap opera ‘The Archers’ will have noticed that organic farmer Tony Archer sounds different these days.

Colin Skipp who has played Tony Archer since the late 1960’s has disappeared from the airwaves and David Troughton has arrived in his place.

Those who realise David Troughton is the son of Pactrick Troughton, the actor who played the second incarnation of Doctor Who, have been joking on the internet about Tony Archer regenerating.

The official reason given by the BBC for the change is that Colin Skipp has decided to retire due to ill health. I rather like the alternative theory of why Colin Skipp was replaced that was posted on Twitter by Rupert Brun which is shown below.

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