Thomas Hardy’s Wessex Tales filmed in West Dorset in 1973

In 1973 the BBC filmed six Wessex Tales. Wessex tales was based on a collection of short stories written by Thomas Hardy in 1888. They were originally broadcast on BBC2 in November and December of 1973.

The first tale shown was The Withered Arm which starred Billie Whitelaw. Much of The Withered Arm was filmed around the village of Bettiscombe. Local residents dressed up as extras for a scene filmed outside Bettiscombe church

Bettiscombe is situated in West Dorset’s Marshwood Vale..

These six Thomas Hardy Wessex Tales have been released as a BBC DVD collection which I spotted for sale on Amazon.

I did manage to find the series uploaded on YouTube a while back. It seems to have disappeared again, no doubt due to copyright issues. At the time I grabbed some images from the scenes outside the church. I have uploaded them here in the hope the someone can name the some of the locals pictured. If so please comment below.

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