Walford Security isn’t in Eastenders, but if it was who would run it?

I spotted this notice for Walford Security in the window of South Somerset shop. It was the ‘Walford’ part that caught my eye, that is the fictional London district in Eastenders.

Now Walford Security resides in Taunton, Somerset and has nothing to do with the BBC soap opera. I suspect its name comes from the village of Walford between Taunton and Bridgwater.

But, I thought, what if it was located in London E20? What if its offices were on the Bridge Street or Turpin Road, or on Albert Square itself? Who would run a fictional Walford Security?

I thought maybe ex policeman Jack Branning or perhaps the hard man duo the Mitchell brothers. Who do you think it would be? Share your suggestions and reasoning in the comments below.

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