What Has A Hazel Nut In Every Bite?

Remember when Topic chocolate bars were advertised with the slogan “Hazel Nut In Every Bite“?

I haven’t had a Topic bar in years. I wasn’t even sure if this nougat, toffee and hazel nut confection from the Mars Bar stable was still made but I see they are listed for sale on the MySupermarket web site.

When I was young they were advertised on television by a cartoon character called Toby.

I found one of the more memorable ads on YouTube and have posted it below.

Toby sings – “What Has A Hazel Nut In Every Bite?

The audience shout back to him – “Topic

Well that was the theory, but as youngsters when Toby sang  “What Has A Hazel Nut In Every Bite?” we used to shout at the television set “Squirrel shit!“.

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