Ye Olde Poppe Inn or just The Poppe Inn? Why change the name?

You may well have passed Ye Olde Poppe Inn at Tatworth on the A358 between Chard and Axminster. You may even have called into this quaint thatched pub for a drink or a meal.

Locals know the place as just The Poppe and while I was in there a few years back I spotted an old black and white photograph clearly showing the sign on the wall saying “The Poppe Inn”. Struck by the irony I took a sneaky photo on my mobile phone which you can see below. That picture shows that at the time The Poppe Inn was part of the now long gone Charringtons brewery estate, these days it is owned by Blandford based Hall & Woodhouse.

So when did pretentiousness take over and the plain “Poppe Inn” become “Ye Olde”? Who thought this was a good idea? I bet they worked in some marketing or PR department.

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